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Creating a network of mini - studios of artistic casting

Інститут матеріалів та сплавів планує створення мережі міні-студій художнього литва

Profitability: 25% per year

500,000 ₴ pledged

2,000,000 ₴ needed

25% raised

Investment period: 09/01/2023 - 04/01/2024

Fundraising period ended

Growth Points Investment Platform

Welcome to the investment platform of the All-Ukrainian public organization "Association of Investors of Ukraine", which will combine quality intellectual, professional, financial, entrepreneurial, scientific resources of experts, analysts, investors, scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs, managers for project implementation, development and implementation programs to stimulate and transform key sectors of national industry - "growth points", the development of which has a positive impact on the entire economy and social sector.

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Ризики «водневої» економіки

Нам після боротьби з вуглекислим газом доведеться боротися з «нешкідливою» водяною парою.

Implementation of hydrogen technologies in Ukraine: prospects and challenges

The global trend towards sustainable human development goals aims at one of the highest priorities: reducing carbon dioxide emissions (so-called decarbonization) in the energy and industrial sectors.

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